Herby’s  home cook Beef Silverside and Pork using only the best cuts of meat from local suppliers …..we only serve the best …..

Festive Ham

Mustard Ham

Black Pepper Pastrami

Turkey Breast Supreme

Chicken Breast Fillet


Yorkshire Ham

Pesto Pasta Salad Yorkshire Ham Home Cooked Silverside of Beef Mustard Ham Hot & Spicy Cocktail Olives




Spend £1.50 on Yorkshire Ham and get 6 baps FREE

Ciabatta Pizzas  overflowing with lovely toppings Ham-Pepperoni-Sweet Chili Chicken-Veggie £1.60

Samosas – Veggie -Lamb-Chicken -Onion Bahjees -Spring Rolls

We also have a very good second to none Vegetarian selection of Pasties, Bruschetta, Home Made Tarts ….

If there are any specific items you require we have an extensive range of good quality cheeses, salamis, pates, olives etc we can order in for you …..

4 Jumbo Sausage Rolls. £1.85

6 Cheese or Veggie Rolls. £1.85

6 Pizza Rolls £1.95

Herbys Home Made Pizzas  £3.20.

Ham-Pepperoni-Spinach & Feta, Cajun Chicken…….buy in store to cook at home

Lovely selection of Olives, Jalapenos, Sun Dried Pomadorello Tomatoes……but dont take our word for it come on in and have a look…..

WE are pleased to stock locally sourced products :

The Chilli Jam Man lovely range of chilli jam, oils, fresh chilli, pickle and Jammonaise …..

Mr Hudas .. #curry heaven !

The Twisted Chilli ….lovely range of hot curries and marinades …yum yum